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About Your Privacy

Your time spent here is very important to us and whether you become our customer or not, we will do everything within our power to make sure your privacy is protected. Our privacy policy is one that is very simple and straightforward:

We do not: Share any form of personal information about our guests with any other company, group, or organization.

We do not: Use any piece of information submitted by our guests for any other purpose than for what it is intended.

Bottom Line:
For many web based companies, it is considered an acceptable and/or necessary business practice to invade the privacy and potentially breach the security of their guests by placing "cookies" on the hard drive. Some also prefer to collect and maintain large databases of personal or business information about their guests for security or marketing purposes.

Because we place high value on your right to privacy, other than the very basic information required to process financial transactions, we choose to do none of the above.

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